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Specially Composed from Audio Network

Helping You Create The Track That's The Perfect Fit.

Comprehensive, flexible and tailored to your exact requirements, Audio Network Specially Composed is a music service that offers you that little bit extra.  From titles and promos to TV ad campaigns and film trailers, it’s designed to help you create the track that’s the perfect fit.

Global brand re-launches, Period Dramas or major sporting events - we remove the complexity that surrounds specially composed music and help keep it simple..

Need help briefing and selecting the most suitable composer for your project? No problem. And with over 270 international composers to choose from, you won’t be short of options.

What’s more, you’ll be working with our experienced team of music professionals, who’ll walk you through every stage of the project, ensuring you avoid those nasty pitfalls. Budgeting and planning, score supervision and session fixing, it’s all taken care of – you’ll receive the same high standards of service that you’ve come to expect from Audio Network.

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? You’ll be surprised. We have recently completed projects for American Greed (CNBC/Curtis Production), Cartoon Network Idents (Turner) and Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures) as well as many more.

To find out more or discuss a specific project call our Creative Services Department:

Tel: +1 (646) 688-4320 

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