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Audio Network Production Music Library - A&R and Composer Submissions

Writing for Audio Network

At Audio Network we know that we are only as strong as our composers and we’re always interested in finding new talent, original music and fresh ideas.

Every week we get literally hundreds of demo tracks sent to us and we try hard to listen to everything that comes in, but sadly we can only accept a tiny fraction of what’s sent.

We have therefore spoken to our composers and asked them to come up with a couple of helpful tips to help you through the process.

Watch the videos below & scroll down to find out how to submit to the catalogue.

Composer Tips: Part 1

A Composer's Success Story: Max Brodie

Audio Network are always looking for new composers and to support this, launched their ‘Undiscovered’ project. Like many others no doubt, I decided to apply.

I put a lot of time and effort into hopefully making my submission as easy as I could for the Audio Network music team....

Click here to read more about how Max came to write for Audio Network.

Submit your Music

Please send a link to a streaming site (MySpace, YouTube or Soundcloud) where we can listen without needing to download files.

Top Tips for Composers

So you love writing music? You want to build a career writing music?

The Audio Network music team have put together a few little gems to get you started, from 'creating your own sounds' and 'thinking about the editor' to 'using real instruments'.....

Click here to enjoy a few more dos and don’ts.

Composer Tips: Part 2

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