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Fast Track - Hidden Lands

On request from the BBC, we got in touch with Terry Devine-King to start work on a new TV program - 'Lost Kingdoms of South America' - which aired in February 2013 on BBC Four.

The production behind this proved to be fascinating to Terry who, passionate about Ancient Civilizations himself, produced a couple of outstanding albums. 

Listen to some of the tracks below, and find out more about the process behind the production in this short blog

Listen Now:
Hidden Lands - ANW1928
Hidden Lands 2 - ANW1929
Find out more about the process behind the production of 'Hidden Lands 1 & 2' in Terry's blog below!

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Featured Composer

Terry Devine-King

Terry Devine-King is a leading composer in the television world. His work includes commercials for Guiness, Rover, Citreon, Orange, Daily Telegraph and Barlcays, as well as numerous documentaries and TV projects…

Read more about Terry Devine-King here.


’Specially Composed Music: Lost Kingdoms of South America’

Terry Devine-King

”Composing music for such a programme was never going to be straightforward. For a start, there’s no musical reference for ancient civilisations of South America, (or maybe there’s a bearded academic that can put me right on that?), so it was a case of trying to make something feel right against the film…(Read full blog here)

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