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Bee Behaviour 3759/2 14 mixes Raithe Laurence
Big saturated synth with hypnotic grooving percussion & moody building strings
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Like A GIF 3759/4 13 mixes Raithe Laurence
Up-tempo drum 'n' bass with grooving double bass, tabla & floaty "like a GIF" female vocal hook
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Cold In The Eyes 3721/3 13 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Heartfelt, reflective psychedelic pop with intimate male vocal, electric guitar, punchy drums & bass guitar
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All In Your Eyes 3721/8 14 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Optimistic psych pop with nostalgic male vocal, synth pads, punchy drums, bass & dancey electric guitar
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Street Knowledge 3719/6 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Rebellious hip hop beats with big sub bass, sirens, synths & FX
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Stick Dance 3693/6 8 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Jump-up percussive explosion with a large battery of drums, Indian tablas, hand claps, world percussion & fx
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Afro 3674/4 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Energetic, driving electro beats with groovy bassline, congas, stick, modern catchy falling synth loop & vocal FX
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Stretch And Yawn 3661/8 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Smooth hip hop lullaby with a strong beat, groovy keys, sleepy male rap & soft female sung vocals
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Augmented 3657/1 5 mixes Matt Goodman
90s hip hop beats with breakbeat, live bass, Rhodes & melodic synths
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Delashus 3657/3 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful, 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, hooky guitar, Rhodes & organ riff
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Pump The Brakes 3657/4 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Rolling, moody 90s hip hop beats with breakbeat, live bass, guitar, hooky sax, Rhodes & synths
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Reverend 3657/2 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful, funky 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, Rhodes, guitar, organ & vocal & scratch fx
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The Flavour 3657/5 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Mellow 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, guitar, vibes & scratch & vocal fx
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Free My Soul 3657/7 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Forward moving 90s hip hop with breakbeat, guitar, Rhodes hook, synths, female 'ohh' vocal hook & group shouts
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In A Daze 3657/8 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Groovy 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, loopy Rhodes & vocal & scratch fx
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Off The Wall 3657/10 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Laid back 90s hip hop beats with bass , guitar, hooky Rhodes melody & piano
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Night Tide 3657/9 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful, laid back 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, Rhodes, piano, muted trumpet & synths
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Missed Me 3657/6 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Breakbeat driven 90s hip hop beats with Rhodes hook & bass
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Melody's Watching 3627/1 14 mixes Oli Swan
Glam/indie rock song with drum & bass groove, male lead & baritone vocal hooks, organ stabs & fuzz guitar breaks
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Just Cuz 3624/1 6 mixes Curtis Eugene Cross II | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Forward moving beats with mellow Rhodes, laid back percussion & biting snare
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Wavy 3603/6 8 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Dynamic, driving soca groove with pounding drums, Latin percussion & beats
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Lockin' 3603/3 10 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Driving exciting beats with classic drum machines, cowbell & percussion
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Big Stomping 3603/2 8 mixes William Davies
Thumping drum groove with tense driving bongos, booming bass, synth effects, hand claps & percussion
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Make Some Waves 3603/5 10 mixes William Davies
Pounding, driving drum groove with cowbell, bongos & hand claps
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Oh What Fun 3591/7 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Uptempo & jazzy Christmas song with Jingle Bells-themed lyrics, swinging big band & spirited strings
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