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Alignment In Grace 3754/2 19 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Reflective ambient pads with airy vocal textures, tranquil hang drum, crystal chimes, sound bowl & gong
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Perfect Clarity 3754/6 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Deeply relaxing pads with shimmering chimes, dreamy Rhodes, light vocal textures & delicate hang drum
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Sweet Solace 3754/4 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Calming ambient pads with crystal chimes, binaural tones & comforting vocal melody
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Realisation 3577/4 10 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Peaceful meditative bell motifs over a gentle pulse, ticking rhythm, bowed cymbals & effects. Hypnotic
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Folklore 3567/5 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Enchanting folk waltz with gentle guitar arpeggios, twinkling tuned percussion, dreamy pads & brushes
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Glass Slipper 3567/7 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Magical waltz with enchanting tuned percussion loops, acoustic guitar, upright bass, brushes & dreamy textures
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One Door Closes 3567/2 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Reflective uplifting folk guitars with glistening tuned percussion, mellow Rhodes & brushes
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Pirouette 3567/6 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Charming clockwork waltz played on tuned percussion with nostalgic piano, gentle bass & brushes accompaniment
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Tomorrow Is Another Day 3567/1 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Nostalgic fingerpicked acoustic guitar with delicate chiming tuned percussion, gentle Rhodes, bass & brushes
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Winter Sleep 3567/4 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Warm nostalgic fingerpicked folky guitar with gentle tuned percussion, crystal glasses & brush beats
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Testing Limits 3517/8 14 mixes Tristan Francois De Liege | Benjamin Hill
Meditative Indonesian bells & gongs build with hypnotic synth arpeggios to an emotional string resolution
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Pebbles 3514/8 10 mixes Sunna Wehrmeijer
Uplifting, sentimental orchestral with delicate glockenspiel, gentle piano & warm brass chords
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Shifting Perspectives 3474/8 26 mixes Jerome Leroy
Driving cello ostinato with mystical bells, twinkling percussion, Japanese flutes & sprinkles of orchestral warmth
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To The Next Adventure 3474/3 24 mixes Jerome Leroy
Optimistic orchestral air with sprightly Japanese instrumentation. Builds with sense of adventure & wonder
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Driving In The Wet 3451/1 14 mixes Paul Ressel | Theo Travis
Atmospheric synthscape with a hypnotic bell rhythm over processed organic sounds & brushed drums. Builds
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Campana Sobre Campana 3449/5 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Traditional Christmas norteño with Spanish vocals, accordion, upbeat drums & festive percussion
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Las Posadas 3449/4 17 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Traditional Mexican Christmas norteño with Spanish vocals, folk instruments & tuba. Alternates between a waltz & polka
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Los 12 Dias De Navidad 3449/2 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
'Twelve Days of Christmas' performed in the traditional Venezuelan aguinaldo folk style with Spanish female vocals
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Navidad Navidad 3449/1 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Traditional Spanish Christmas carol with female vocals, acoustic guitars, driving percussion & festive bells
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Go Ryou E 3417/3 8 mixes Joji Hirota
Slow & processional percussion rhythms with shakuhachi & vocal chants
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Hikiyama Matsuri 3417/5 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Taiko group with vocal shouts, hypnotic drum rhythms & bell percussion. Changes loud/soft dynamic throughout
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Pageant III 3417/7 10 mixes Joji Hirota
Traditional Japanese festival music with taiko drums, percussion & shakuhachi (flutes)
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Shibu Roku Dance 3417/8 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Traditional shibu roku rhythm played by taiko ensemble with lively group vocal calls
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Between Worlds 3363/3 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Insistent synth bass riff with eerie chimes, restless drums, mysterious guitar & trippy effects
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Soar 3321/4 18 mixes Paddy Conn
Epic, dreamy indie pop with uplifting male vocal, driving drums, bells, guitars & atmospheric synths. Builds
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