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Move It Out 3755/2 11 mixes Teddy Weber
Happy bouncing acoustic guitar shuffle with cheery whistling, drums, hand claps & twangy electric guitar
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Island Whistle 3755/5 12 mixes Teddy Weber
Happy acoustic guitar led reggae groove with insanely catchy whistled melody, percussion & carefree tropical vibes
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Elated 3748/2 7 mixes Kes Loy
Hypnotic piano motif builds to inspiring climax with multi-layered folk & electric guitars over steady kick drum beat
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Moving Forward 3748/7 8 mixes Kes Loy
Warm, uplifting folk pop with layered guitars, hand claps & kick drum
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Never Forgotten 3748/4 8 mixes Kes Loy
Warm multi-layered guitars over ambient pads build with piano & drums to an uplifting ending
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Open For Business 3748/1 8 mixes Kes Loy
Bright folk pop with funky afrobeat guitars, strummed acoustics & hand claps
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As I Go Higher 3748/6 8 mixes Kes Loy
Thoughtful picked acoustic & palm muted guitars over ambient pads build in warmth & optimism
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Goodbye Sunshine 3734/4 13 mixes Tim Garland
Sentimental bossa nova ballad with sad crooner lamenting lost love accomapined by lush strings & gentle rhythm section
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Sans Chagrin 3699/4 8 mixes Ann De Renais | Ben Parry
Classic French torch ballad with passionate female vocal & swing band accompaniment
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You Never Know 3678/4 16 mixes Thompson Egbo-Egbo
Cheerful swinging jazz piano trio
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Pura Verdade 3671/7 9 mixes Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior | Guilherme Lopes Rodrigues | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Evocative 1960s style Brazilian male vocal bossa ballad with acoustic guitar & soaring strings
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Anchusa Blue 3563/2 7 mixes Tim Renwick
Soothing acoustic guitar melody with light percussion, mellow organ, double bass & glockenspiel. Gently builds
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Mon Repose 3563/4 12 mixes Tim Renwick
Tranquil guitar melody over relaxed strummed acoustics & light percussion
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Pumpkin Patch 3563/7 8 mixes Tim Renwick
Easy going acoustic rock with catchy slide guitar fills & warm vocal melody
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Shangri La 3563/5 8 mixes Tim Renwick
Warm relaxed guitars, organ & percussion with a light Latin vibe. Sunshine, beach & pina coladas
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Farewell She Wrote 3472/2 12 mixes Jesse Walton
Intimate & heartfelt folk song with male vocals, warm finger-picked electric guitar
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Lost Dreamers 3472/7 13 mixes Jesse Walton
Easy listening country song with wistful male narrative about love & loss. Accompanied by banjo, acoustic guitar & smooth clarinets
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Brasilia 3439/7 17 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Smooth, romantic bossa nova with warm strings, solo flute, acoustic guitar, choral horns & Brazilian percussion
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If We Never Fall In Love Again 3393/10 16 mixes Nick Kingswell
Gentle, romantic song with bittersweet male & female vocal duet. Cute & quirky
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Song For Sophia 3310/7 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Sexy Latin-inspired guitar jazz with relaxed rhythm section
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Texas And Old Mexico 3225/5 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Vintage romantic Tex Mex cowboy waltz ballad with golden era male vocal
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Coffee Shop 3221/5 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Parker | Matt Sanchez
Relaxed lifestyle pop with positive piano over warm pads, acoustic guitars & mellotron flutes
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Awakenings 3119/1 10 mixes Giovanni Antonio Parricelli
Gentle acoustic guitar with ambient electric guitar backing
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Be There Right Now 3114/6 14 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Sunny country pop with bouncy island groove, pedal steel & heartfelt male vocals
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Better At Goodbye 3114/2 13 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Sentimental country pop ballad with heartfelt male vocals, pedal steel, loops & rhythm band backing
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