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I Dare You 3751/6 11 mixes Martin Williams
Relaxed, playful classic big band jazz with raunchy slide trombone
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Vamos Dancar 3671/1 14 mixes Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior | Wilson Simonal Pugliesi De Castro | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Relaxed 1960s style Brazilian big band samba jazz with Latin male vocal
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The Holidays Are A Precious Time 3591/6 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Creamy & intimate big band ballad with warm female vocal & sumptuously smooth strings over a laid-back groove
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Nico's Arrival 3555/6 13 mixes Thomas Evans
Relaxed modern jazz ballad instrumental with mellow horns & virtuosic piano solo
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Miles Of Blue 3536/5 8 mixes Jason Rebello
Mellow, intimate late night jazz with piano-led quintet featuring nostalgic sax & trumpet melody
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Summer Roses 3467/3 14 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Mellow jazz waltz with smooth saxophone & trumpet melody over relaxed piano, bass & brushes
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Aloneness 3452/6 12 mixes Tim Garland
Mellow jazz quartet featuring smooth, melancholy & seductive trumpet
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Cracker Jacker 3452/5 13 mixes Tim Garland
Relaxed, Latin influenced 1960s jazz piano quintet with fluent sax & trumpet solos
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Fair Dues 3452/7 11 mixes Tim Garland
Mellow 1950s/60s jazz with simple horn refrain, relaxed swing bass riff, cool guitar, muted trumpet & piano
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Truth Never Wanes 3452/8 12 mixes Tim Garland
Mellow 1960s jazz quartet waltz with a touch of whimsical impressionism. Breathy sax gives way to lyrical piano solo
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Loungin 3426/4 17 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Smouldering jazz with intimate piano, trumpet & acoustic upright bass over a laid-back lo-fi hip hop groove
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Chat Show 3426/3 18 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Laid-back lounge jazz with trumpet, alto sax & piano modulates through various keys over a lo-fi hip hop groove
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Destination 3426/1 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Hamish Michael Jackson
Smooth jazz piano, deep bass & late night trumpet melodies over a laid-back hip hop groove. The perfect soundtrack to city nightlife
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Blue Notes 3426/7 18 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Beautiful jazzy guitar & atmospheric trumpet over chilled, lo-fi hip hop beats
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Mr Magic 3426/2 11 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Old time piano, dreamy guitar chords & uplifting, shimmering harp arpeggios over lo-fi hip hop beats
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Moonbeam 3426/5 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Relaxed jazz piano with sultry saxophone melodies gliding over a laid-back hip hop beat
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Under The Lights 3426/6 17 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Late night hip hop groove with chilled Rhodes, smooth synth bass, muted trumpet & jazz/RnB-influenced vocal harmonies
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A Night In Brazil 3310/6 7 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Smooth Brazilian-inspired dinner jazz with laid back rhythm section & mellow lead sax
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Five Over Four 3310/4 13 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Cool jazz quintet waltz featuring piano, guitar & sultry sax lead. Mellow 1960s vibe
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A Rose For Moira 3307/12 5 mixes Martin Williams
Slow, smooth & seductive tenor saxophone with a tinge of sadness
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Shades Of Silver 3307/7 5 mixes Martin Williams
Cool jazz blues strut with slinky solo tenor saxophone
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Broadway Dawn 3294/8 9 mixes Paul Michael Harris | Simon Bates | David Kelly
Calm, reflective late-night jazz with smoky sax melody
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Girls Who Wear Glasses 3294/5 9 mixes Paul Michael Harris | Simon Bates | David Kelly
Mysterious & furtive nocturnal jazz with slinky sax motif
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Greenwich Village Mean Time 3294/6 9 mixes Paul Michael Harris | Simon Bates | David Kelly
Warm, intimate jazz quartet with relaxed sax melody
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Sweet Revival 3011/7 8 mixes James Taylor
Blissful & dreamlike groove with mesmeric bass, Rhodes & orchestra
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