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Fate And The River 3762/1 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Rousing indie rock anthem with inspirational male vocal about reaching for the sky & never quitting
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Got You In My Sights 3762/2 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Swampy indie rock with dirty guitar riffs, stomp clap beats & menacing male vocal
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Hustle Hustle 3762/3 16 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Powerful rock with swaggering male vocal, aggressive riffs, stomp clap beats & hip hop elements
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I'll Be Your Angel 3762/4 16 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Forceful, dramatic stomp clap rock with dirty bass, wailing guitars, pad strings, organ & strong male vocal
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Jump On With Us 3762/5 13 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Bouncy pop rock song with male & group vocals. Inspiring & unifying theme
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Raise The Storm 3762/6 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Brooding blues rock with menacing male vocal
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Take You Down 3762/7 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Slow aggressive stomp clap rock with filthy bass & vengeful male vocal
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We Lit The Fire 3762/8 14 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Upbeat driving indie pop rock with inspirational lead & group vocals over a stomping groove. Positive & unifying
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Emergency Situation 3735/2 9 mixes Philip Guyler
Tense, urgent bass pulse builds with piano, guitars, synths & strings to a dramatic climax
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Human Drama 3735/1 10 mixes Philip Guyler
Tense piano arpeggios, strings, percussion & synth bass build to a critical climax
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The Establishment 3728/3 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Mid-tempo 1970s funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Kakadu Dreaming 3727/1 16 mixes Alies Sluiter
Sweeping, dramatic strings with tense battle drums & didgeridoo
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Blackened Earth 3727/4 19 mixes Alies Sluiter
Tense, dramatic tribal drums & didgeridoo drone build with feral animal calls, menacing vocal effects & epic strings
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Sleep With One Eye Open 3725/2 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Aggressive driving electro rock song with menacing US female vocal
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Contingency 3724/1 27 mixes Mark Petrie
Simmering orchestral tension intensifies with massive string & brass swells, piano, synths & powerful percussive hits
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Impasse 3724/4 28 mixes Mark Petrie
Piano, synths & swirling string patterns create a sense of simmering tension. Builds excitement with huge brass swells & percussion
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Irreversible 3724/7 27 mixes Mark Petrie
Pulsing synths & urgent strings create a feeling of time running out. Builds with piano, massive brass & big percussion to epic conclusion
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Vanguard 3724/5 27 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Dark, brooding synths & strings build with massive brass swells & punctuating percussion hits to epic conclusion
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Twist Of Fate 3724/3 25 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Tension & mystery builds to epic, dramatic conclusion with driving synths, soaring strings, huge brass swells, FX & heavy percussive hits
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Ulterior Motive 3724/2 27 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Brooding, pulsating synths & strings build tension with massive brass swells & punctuating percussion to epic conclusion
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Don't Rock The Boat 3722/1 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
Hard hitting hip hop with staccato live brass, heavy beats, synths, vocal fx & bass
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Hyper Mode 3722/2 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
Groove heavy swung hip hop with brass melody, knocking kicks, pizzicato synths, bass & vocal fx
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Tokyo Heat 3722/7 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
808 lead trap with glittering synth plucks, driven 808 bass, vocal texture & trap drum beat
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With Hope And Glory 3722/8 13 mixes Dylan Rogers
Powerful swung half-time hip hop drums & vocal textures build with triumphant brass melody & shouts
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You're Over The Line 3722/9 7 mixes Dylan Rogers
Escalating synth driven trap with synth plucks, driven bass, trap drums & hard hitting choruses
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