Music Of The South

Music Of The South

From Nashville to New Orleans and beyond, we’re excited to present our Music Of The South collection!

Music has always been an important component in the southern culture. Deriving from many different influences, southern music encompasses a variety of styles including bluegrass, folk, blues, jazz and rock to name a few.

Have a listen to some of our best southern tracks in this ‘Music Of The South’ playlist!

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The Next Train Arriving From Nashville…

Southern music continues to be of great importance to the Audio Network music catalogue, and in recent months there has been an increased focus on releasing new Southern styles. This has included everything from blues and jazz, to Dixieland and swamp rock.

With more Southern music in the pipeline, composers Thomm Jutz and Lincoln Grounds give us a taster of what went into recording their latest projects, Bluegrass and Southern Dramedy – so keep an eye out for these albums in the coming months!

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For me it’s really important for this music to be authentic. So much of the tradition of bluegrass and country is the virtuosity of the players.
Lincoln Grounds, Composer
'American Heritage'

Making The Music

Recording ‘American Heritage’

With its beautiful landscapes and authenticity, Nashville was the perfect setting to record an album filled with cinematic bluegrass, folk and panoramic Americana.

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Recording ‘New Orleans Blues’

This album was recorded with authentic New Orleans musicians, which helped in creating that traditional blues sound of the city that differentiates itself from all other types of blues.

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