July's New Releases

20 Jul 2015

Listen to this month's batch of new music.

20 new releases, including our featured albums:

Slow Down Indie, Balkan Bonanza,
Heroes, House of Funk,
Trippy Drama and French Lounge.

Featured albums

Slow Down IndieHeroesTrippy Drama   Balkan BonanzaHouse Of FunkFrench Lounge

More music

Vintage Funk 2

Juicy retro funk & R&B grooves with old school brass



Electronic rhythms & sounds mark the passage of time


Stomp Rock

Heavy blues rock riffage with big beats


Acoustic Scenery

Country & folk instrumentals with a transatlantic rural feel


Orchestral Drama

Orchestral crossover brings menace, tension & action


Blocks And Glocks

Cheeky & cheerful plinky, plonky instrumentals


Classic Rock Hits

Denim clad rock songs from the golden age

Mischievous Grooves

Cheeky beats with quirky melodies


90's Indie

Upbeat & raucous indie band romps from the naughty nineties


Progressive Chill Out

Soothing waves of electronica with mellow beats


West Coast Stoner Rock

Trippy & powerful desert rock songs

Festival Trap

Mind bending urban sonics with twisted rap vocals


Retro Lifestyle

Vintage guitar & keys based grooves


Dance Floor Anthems

Huge beats, euphoric synths & summer vocal hooks


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