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05 Aug 2019

Passionate tango, enchanting themes and mystical piano, guitar moods and hook-filled hip hop

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An acordian with copy, 'Fuelle y cuerda'

Fuelle Y Cuerda

Fuelle Y Cuerda is a debut Audio Network release from four-time Grammy nominee Gustavo Casenave. He’s one of the US’s most in-demand tango pianists and composers and has assembled an all-star line-up, with Pedro Giraudo on bass (winner of the 2018 Latin Grammy award for best Tango Album), 2019 Grammy winner Hector Del Curto on bandoneon, Latin Grammy award-winning violinist Nick Danielson and award-winning composer and producer Nacho Gonzalez on guitar.

Abstract multi-coloured artwork

Places Through Which We Move

Richard Lacy opened his first recording studio in the late 1980s, then started composing music for an agency in the mid-1990s. Richard has also played synth for Sheffield band From A Window.

Composer, orchestrator and conductor John Ashton Thomas’s orchestrations include How to Train your Dragon 3 and he’s contributed to over 120 feature films including Captain America and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Together, they have fused Richard’s electronic textures with John’s stunning orchestral writing to create an album of beautiful string textures.

A black silhouette of a man standing in front of a green marble effect background

Under The Stress: Guitar Moods and Textures

Composer, producer and guitarist John DeFaria’s career began with Gloria Estefan’s band The Miami Sound Machine (he wrote ‘Get on your Feet’, winning the ASCAP pop award). As a musician he has performed on scores including Holes, James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss, commercials for Subaru, and shows for Discovery Channel and Warner Brothers Telepictures. He also scored the Warner Brothers movie Dukes of Hazzard 2 – The Beginning

His new album features a range of guitar moods from haunting and sparse, to tense and bluesy.

Bright yellow background with bold black text reading 'raise your game'

Raise Your Game

Andy Cooper’s career started in Long Beach as one third of prominent 90s underground hip hop group Ugly Duckling whose tracks appeared in video games, commercials and films.

As a producer, arranger and DJ, Andy flavours his sound with late 60s/early 70s samples and Raise Your Game is hip hop that ranges from disco-infused to stomping, rock guitar-driven and hard-hitting b-boy breaks, packed with massive hooks.

More music

Gypsy Swing

Gypsy swing moods, from carefree and charming with violin, accordion and breezy guitar, to a seductive Parisian café feel, where accordion and violin dance over a relaxed Lain bossa rhythm.

Americana Blues

Funky, mid-tempo blues rock with chunky guitars gives way to driving rock grooves and moody, swampy Southern blues. Hammond is joined by a range of driving riffs, hot licks and rock & roll guitar workouts.

Colliding Rhythms 2

A rush of percussion, from thundering, threatening war drums and timpani with epic climaxes to rolling, turbulent solo percussion featuring side drums, taikos, tom toms, and timpani. Percussive grooves build in intensity, from mid-tempo to martial.

Spirit Moon

Uplifting, soaring orchestral with powerful brass, percussion hits, and playful woodwind ostinato.


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