06 Sep 2021

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Future Beach

Future Beach

Being the bassist in Swimming Tapes, Paddy Conn knows a thing or two about anthemic songwriting. Future Beach sees him exploring euphoric indie/dream-pop, in a set scattered with warm male vocals, sun-kissed guitars, atmospheric synths, and punchy drum grooves.

Future Bathing

Forest Bathing

Searching for a super-relaxing soundtrack? Composer Kes Loy has your back. Gentle acoustic guitars mingle with marimba, piano and light percussion on this warm, atmospheric set from the John Peel-approved songwriter.

Shadows of The Future Mark Petrie

Shadows Of The Future

Trailer titan Mark Petrie returns with an epic collection that utilises his vast cinematic experience. Bringing together piano, synths and bass with driving strings, brass swells and propulsive percussion, this is a masterclass in tension and excitement.

A world outside my window

A World Outside My Window

As an ex-member of Gang Of Four, rhythm is in Thomas McNeice’s DNA. It remains his primary focus in this impressively eclectic set of indie tracks which fuse slinky R&B, neo-disco and funk influences with male vocals from his co-writer Richie.

humanoid to android

Humanoid To Android

Sci-fi fans, stop what you’re doing right now: Henry White and Nathan Feddo have conjured up a dizzyingly dystopian near-future. Expect unsettling, experimental electronica, full of ASMR textures, quirky synth melodies, driving drums and processed vocals.



Breezy yacht rock abounds on this laid-back set by Nothing But Thieves-producer/Lissie-songwriter Julian Emery. Grab yourself a chilled Pina Colada and get ready for Fender Rhodes, slick guitar hooks, soulful male vocals, bright horns and emotive strings.

Deserted Skies

Deserted Skies

Mary Anne Hobbs and Planet Mu-approved electronic producer Oriol Sirinathsingh offers a dark and powerful mix of brooding pads, menacing drones, pulsing bass and processed bell textures.

Mythical China

Mythical China

A truly transportive collection from film composer George Shaw. Inspired by Chinese folklore, this cinematic, East meets West celebration, brings together traditional instruments like guzheng and erhu with lush, orchestral strings recorded at Abbey Road.

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