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11 Sep 2018

From woodwind wonders to psycho-funk grooves

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We The People

LONO present their debut EP, We The People.

Filled with twisted storylines and quirky alternative funk, bassist Joe Downard, Todd and Guy Speakman and musician Jon Moody throw every rulebook out of the window in this blend of psycho-funk and hypnotic harmonies.

80s cinematic
Cinematic 80s

Renowned for his work on hit movies, TV shows and video games, David Edward Holden’s 80s inspired album offers cinematic electronica with driving synths.

A catchy collection of melodic basslines, pulses and epic building beats - culminating in dramatic climactic finales.


Drawing his inspiration from genres including jazz, funk, pop and acoustic music - composer and musician, Lincoln Grounds creates a manic and zany world of carefree capers and mad moments. Prepare to lose your mind in quirky mellotron, swinging hooks and utterly mischievous themes.

woodland woodwind
Woodland Woodwind

Composer and orchestrator Chris Warner couples his passion for storytelling with his knowledge of music - bringing you a collection of spritely and whimsical orchestral themes.

Discover mysterious melodies and quirky rhythms in this magical compilation.

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Disco Glitch

An upbeat collection of tropical electronica with nu-disco vibes and quirky instrumentation.


Panoramic instrumental themes with uplifting cinematic builds & gentle rhythmic motion.

Morning Glow

Feel-good electronica with modern urban beats & summery vibes.

Curious Gossip

Quirky drama themes with mischievous comedy influences. Whimsical orchestral moments build alongside choir vocals, jaunty folk instruments & rhythmic percussion.


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