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11 Sep 2017

New music: Introducing our latest releases

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Space BattalionsRhythm roots and boots

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Funny Bones 2

Breezy and playful orchestral themes with carefree comedic undertones, perky rhythms and pizzicato stings

Brooding And Ominous

Unsettling futuristic synthscapes and sinister percussive processions

Future Lifestyle

Futuristic and bouncy electro mixing chilled house vibes with driving euphoric moments

Dirty Indie

Energetic garage rock with quirky glam rock synths, dirty distorted guitars, scratch samples and driving drum beats

Dark Documentary

Brooding instrumental themes with prevailing mystery. Hypnotic bells, hang drum textures and eerie pads ebb and flow alongside dark piano and uneasy synth leads

Diggin' Deep Blues

Rough and ready blues with pounding jungle drums and acoustic Americana with lo-fi electric guitar riffs

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