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13 Feb 2017

New music: Introducing our latest releases

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Magical Orchestra Boy Treble

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Minimal Strings 2

A collection of expressive string themes complimented with playful piano and interesting percussion. Using a variety of playing styles and intricate melody layers to convey a multitude of feelings and emotions

Rhythmic Drones

Pulsing electronic pads with tense throbbing bass, swirling textures and irregular rhythmic FX. Analogue filters and distortion add otherworldly sounds to ambient evolving beds

Battle Ready Rock

Hard-hitting heavy electronic rock with swaggering riffs, pounding drums and gritty synths. Building from moody intros to huge climaxes with plenty of dramatic drops


Ultra-catchy collection of Europop hits covers a range of moods with stirring German Schlager vocals, anthemic instrumentals with catchy dance beats and driving rock rhythms

Light Touch

Beautiful multi-layered themes with featured saxophone. Interweaving piano patterns and hypnotic brass melodies remain minimalist whilst gently express a variety of moods


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