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15 May 2017

New music: Introducing our latest releases

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The Irish Departure Kid Loco

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Amazing Earth

Animated and dramatic orchestral themes cover a variety of scenic moods, with graceful strings, woodwind and breath-taking choral moments

Nostalgic Sound Design

Lively modern instrumental arrangements juxtaposed by nostalgic moods with piano melodies and dreamy looped textures

Orchestral Whimsy

Playful orchestral tunes with a mischievous undercurrent. Nostalgic piano melodies combine with bright percussion and optimistic strings

Heartbreak Avenue

Driving emotional ballads with modern R&B flavours. Soulful male and female vocals soar over electronic drums and indie guitar riffs

Future Bass

Contemporary EDM with futuristic synths, stunning pop vocals, and heavy, driving bass

Fun Folk & Lifestyle

Upbeat folk with prevailing optimism. Acoustic instrumentation combined with quirky percussion, vocal hooks and whistled melodies form playful and uplifting tunes


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