24 Mar 2020

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soy como soy audio network new releases

Soy Como Soy

Laid-back Mexican banda, jaunty band waltz with driving tuba and uplifting brass hooks, all with Spanish male vocals and Latin percussion grooves


bright futures the flight audio network latest releases

Bright Futures

Ambient soundscapes featuring pulsing analogue synths, processed vocal FX, electronic textures and hypnotic acoustic guitar riffs


people get ready we're moving on latest releases audio network

People Get Ready (We're Moving On)

People Get Ready (We're Moving On) combines James’ infamous Hammond sound, melodic funk, a live orchestra and the vocal talents of soul sensations Noel McKoy and Natalie Williams.

90s beats andy cooper beat series audio network latest releases

90s Beats

Old school hip hop with bass groove, vocal FX, electric piano, jazzy horns and Hammond.

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Hustle and Bustle

Energetic, rhythmic pianos with developing melodies and light percussion with accented toms and snare. 

Organic Atmosphere

Soundscapes with reverberant, brooding piano, towering guitar, powerful percussion, processed strings and church organ, give way to warm, uplifting piano and cascading guitar textures.

Uplifting Adventures

Inspiring orchestral themes with emotional piano, bright, vibrant strings and uplifting brass build to inspiring finales.

En Verano

Instrumental reggaeton with blissed-out, summery guitars and synths, Cubano piano riffs, warm synth pads, strong beats and catchy hooks. 


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