26 May 2020

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Carnival Nights

Join the carnival party with high-energy Latin percussion, brass hits, electro and trap beats. Reggaeton joins forces with dirty bass, synth glitches and plenty of hip hop swagger. 


blaze audio network new music release


Epic EDM grime with bright, bold synths, trap drums and heavy beats, hooky brass stabs and vocal shouts, together with quirky FX and synth brass. 


dreamer audio network new music release


From slow, emotive atmospheric pop with warm synths, mesmeric drum rhythms and laid-back beats surrounding ethereal male vocals, to driving house grooves and uplifting electro pop featuring electric guitar, synth bass and ambient vocal FX.

eclipse of the sunaudio network new music release

Eclipse of the Sun

A range of piano moods, from sparse and reflective to delicate and flowing, mournful to glitchy, are joined by gentle acoustic guitar, plaintive string quartet, floaty atmospheric textures and epic synths.  

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These Little Things

Nik Kershaw’s EP of songs, with driving and anthemic choruses, soaring strings and lyrical themes of overcoming adversity and the challenges of getting older.


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