27 Jul 2020

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audio network new music Jazz Tronics

Jazz Tronics

Featuring unique remixes of Jazz and Funk from our catalogue, Jazz Tronics promises a mix of electronica with the occasional hip hop beat. From atmospheric twists to fun remakes, expect a variation of tracks with cool bass lines, vocal samples and appearances from the classic Hammond.


Strike Up The Band audio network new music

Strike Up The Band

Spirited and rousing, these are classic ‘college fight songs’, from the halftime show featuring a marching band to the US Marines’ official song with driving drumlines and powerful brass. 

 audio network new music release gameshow


All the tension beds you need – featuring ascending key changes, ambient synths, ticking clocks and sinister drones. From light tension to mysterious and eerie and building to urgent strings, choir and big, dramatic drum hits. 

maximum impact revealed destiny

Maximum Impact: Revealed Destiny

Triumphant and uplifting hybrid orchestra featuring huge percussion, soaring choir, pulsating synths, fast-moving strings and warm piano.

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Maximum Impact: Revealed Destiny Toolkit

From screeching to eerie, through to ominous and tension-building, these are synth and FX risers with building percussion hits, brass blasts and drum roll. 


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