Cissie Redgwick

Cissie Redgewick is the alter-ego of talented singer Rosie Doonan, whose own grandmother was the original ‘Cissie’. Brought up in a musical household, her father and grandfather were successful folk artists, the young Rosie was immersed in music. It was her grandmother however, that introduced her to the swing of the Andrew Sisters and the boogie sound of three part harmonies.

Originally destined to be an actress, Rosie couldn’t escape her musical heritage and at college discovered her voice. She teamed up with 3 girls to form ‘The Sweet Nothings’, based on that Andrew Sisters swing. Keeping the other foot in the folk camp, she also teamed up with fellow musician Ben Murray and after only 6 months they were nominated for the Horizon Award for Best Folk Newcomers. 

With appearances on Radio 2 and at the Royal Albert Hall behind her, it didn’t take long for the mighty voice of Peter Gabriel to come calling and Rosie found herself on tour with him and also, she has toured with the fantastically talented Birdy.  

But the musical influences of her grandmother were never far away and teaming up with Cuckoo Records, Cissie Redgewick was born. 


Cissie Redgwick

Cissie is all about the swing and boogie era mixed with modern production techniques, and now, through music publisher Audio Network, you can discover her unique sound for yourself.

Cissie Redwick – Gimme That Swing

As a songwriter, I’m so thrilled to get my music out there – the more exposure the better. It’s great that a global music publisher like Audio Network is offering the media world my music. This is a great opportunity for me!
Cissie Redgwick
Artist, Cuckoo Records
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