Joachim Horsley: Stories of A Traveller

Joachim Horsley is a composer, orchestrator, songwriter and performer. His career in music began at a young age and continued as he began to study jazz arranging and composition at Skidmore College in New York. Since then, Joachim has scored about 25 independent films. He has also arranged and conducted orchestras with recording artists including The Pet Shop Boys.

Joachim’s work has been screened at Cannes, Tribeca, South by Southwest, Palm Springs, Telluride, and Sundance. His compositions can also be viewed on television networks such as NBC, ABC, HBO, TruTV, A&EThe History Channel, The Travel Channel, The Onion News Network and The Biography Channel.

Most recently, Joachim has arranged for John Legend’s 'All of Me' Tour and orchestrated for Ben Fold’s Piano Concerto. To learn more about Joachim, read our Q&A with him below. Listen to his new album Stories of A Traveller here:

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Music For Television

”These 8 songs were composed while thinking about the grey area in life between comedy and drama.”

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