American Heritage

We’re thrilled to bring you our new album American Heritage as part of our latest releases!

Here at Audio Network we always deliver the highest quality production music, which is why there is only one place that we could have recorded this particular album – Nashville, Tennessee!

With its beautiful landscapes and authenticity, Nashville was the perfect setting to record an album filled with cinematic bluegrass, folk and panoramic Americana

Listen to the full album below!

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Recording American Heritage

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Music for Historical Documentary

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Featured Composers

Lincoln Grounds

Lincoln’s musical journey has been a long and varied one. Having spent his youth playing, writing & generally obsessing about Jazz, Funk, Soul & blues, he later turned his hand to rock, pop and acoustic music, embarking upon a twelve year marathon of gigging as a professional guitarist.

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Thomm Jutz

Born in the Black Forest of Germany, Thomm Jutz started playing music at the age of six. Over the year’s he’s played countless gigs all over Germany and the neighboring countries with Blues and Rock bands, although his true love has always been Country, Bluegrass and Folk Music.

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