Backwoods Drama

This month we bring you 'Backwoods Drama' the fantastic debut album from new Audio Network composer, John DeFaria.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2 with the English Session Orchestra, styles range from desolate and lonely to positive and dramatic and feature Dobro, Banjo, Slide Guitar and drums alongside beautifully played strings.

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I still think there is a lot of magic in trying something else for the first time. You’re just going by pure inspiration and instinct.

Your brain hasn’t quite caught up with telling you, you don’t know what you’re doing!

John DeFaria

Featured Composer

John DeFaria

As a musician, John has recorded on numerous Movie scores such as Holes, James Cameron’s Ghost of the Abyss, Uptown Girls and A Lot like Love.

Venturing into compose-hood has also yielded him top commercials for Direct TV and Subaru and TV Shows for Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Warner Brothers Telepictures and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Read John's full biography here.

John DeFaria

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