The Orchestral Catalogue

The sounds of a full orchestra can drive a range of emotions from intrigue and anticipation to motivation and reflection. Recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in some of the world’s best studios including Abbey Road, the Audio Network Orchestral Catalogue is filled with stirring, inspirational and emotional albums for TV, Film and Advertising.

Create the perfect background music for any production, from a dramatic TV series to a major advertising campaign or film trailer.

Featured Composer

Terry Devine-King

Terry is a leading composer in the television world. His work includes commercials for Guinness, Rover and Barclays among others, numerous documentaries and TV projects and use in Disney’s John Carter trailer. Terry has worked on several projects for Audio Network with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra including his most renowned track, Mars.

Read here for more on Terry Devine-King.

It was like love at first sound truly! The quality of the music and the endless possibilities of the tracks made Audio Network my one and only choice for music libraries.
Mariana Medina,
Producer, Warner Channel

The Orchestral Catalogue in Use

The Audio Network Orchestral Catalogue has been used in loads of TV, Film and Advertising productions; here are a few of our recent credits:

Recording at Abbey Road

Check out one of our recent recordings at Abbey Road Studios. Catch up with composer Chris Egan as he describes the unique experience of recording music with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.