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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that licensing music can often be confusing, so below are a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to help you get started.

If you find that your question is not answered, or you would like some further clarification, please feel free to get in touch with our team at nyoffice@audionetwork.com.

Why Audio Network?

How do I know if the music is any good?

The experience and reputations of Audio Network's composers and artists speaks for itself. Most have worked at the very top of their fields. We record our music with real instruments in the world’s best studios.

What are the advantages of my production company becoming an online member of Audio Network and how do I do it?

Online members receive unlimited download and use of our music for an annual fee. You can create your own, editable Projects that can be emailed to other members of your production team. If you'd like to become an online member, please contact us.?

The online member service is not available to Personal Users, Home Users or Student Users.

How does the Audio Network license work?

What does my license cover?

One fixed license covers all synch and dubbing rights, but excludes the royalties normally payable by the broadcaster, distributor or manufacturer. See our table for more information on music rights.

To find the right license for your production see our rate card.

What are the advantages of the Audio Network blanket license over other sources of music?

At Audio Network we make the process simple, quick and easy. All our tracks are automatically cleared for worldwide use, on multiple platforms, forever – and you may find you can save up to 95% of your music budget by using Audio Network.

If I have a broadcaster/MCPS blanket license for my productions, can I get access to Audio Network music?

A blanket license with Audio Network does not restrict customers from having additional license agreements with other suppliers. Feel free to contact us with details of any existing blanket license agreements you may have and we will tailor an appropriate solution to meet your particular circumstances.

Audio Network is not a member of PPL in the UK, so no need to worry about additional sound recording public performance charges.

What is the pricing structure?

How can Audio Network afford to offer such good value for money?

Audio Network bypasses many of the middle-men who are normally involved with the supply of music and sound effects to the end-user.

As owners of both publishing and recording rights in our music catalogue, we avoid the administrative overheads associated with clearing rights on a work-by-work basis through a simple and easy-to-administer blanket license. The primary source of revenue for both Audio Network and our composers is the performance royalties paid by broadcasters, not by producers.

Most importantly, we and our composers believe that by making our music easy and inexpensive to use then more will be used, and that's good for us all.

How can I access the music and sound effects?

Do I have to register which music I use?

Yes please! If you are using Audio Network music it is important for broadcasters to know the publisher (Audio Network), composer, record company (Audio Network), title and duration of each track so that Performance Royalties are properly accounted for and the composers get paid.

Remember that the Audio Network Production Music Library is a commercial music catalogue and has not been registered as a production music library with the MCPS. Unlike a normal commercial music catalogue there are no PPL fees payable.

Help, I'm having technical difficulties!

I’ve downloaded and paid for the wrong track. What do I do?

Email and forward your confirmation receipt to us at nyoffice@audionetwork.com and we’ll make arrangements to get you a replacement download.

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