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Who We Are

Saving you time, money and effort without compromising quality, Audio Network's catalogue of over 102,661 original music tracks is designed for the creative industries. From Classical music to Indie Rock and Dance, we have the perfect track to bring your production to life.

With offices in London, New York, Munich, Toronto, Sydney and Amsterdam, and an international network of sub-publishers, Audio Network is a global music company full of creative and passionate music and media professionals.

For over 10 years, we have focused on putting our customers first and our growth and success is down to 3 core values:


Audio Network Core Values

The highest quality music

We only record with the best, authentic musicians and composers at the top recording facilities in the world.

Simple pricing and licensing

All of our music is pre-cleared for multiple platforms, worldwide, forever. A single production license starts from just $195 and gives you unlimited access to 102,661 music tracks.


Designed with creatives in mind, our music is used around the world by some of the media industry's biggest names: the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and MTV. And with 1000+ tracks added monthly, you'll always be able to find new music.

Watch this video below to here Robert Hurst, CEO & Founder discuss these principles and why they have contributed to such great employee retention.

Great music, all original, every genre, it's your choice. Made easy.

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