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Audio Network's Production Music Library offers a huge music choice for game developers.

With a music catalogue of 102,661 tracks, every possible style and genre is covered. From:

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Audio Network's production music is the perfect fit for any gaming project, just watch the video below to see an example of one of our tracks being used for a Sony video game.


Music in Video Games

by Gavin Harrison

Games are big business and the music within them is a huge part of the player experience. So how, if at all, is composing music for video games different to any other form of media?

Here’s how I approach writing the music to enhance that perfect gaming mood.

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Featured Composer

John 00 Fleming

In a career that has produced over ten million album sales, five UK Top 40 hits and thirty mix compilations, John is renowned as one of the genre’s perpetually innovative forces, consistently to be found at its cutting edge.

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Beyond Two Souls


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