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Whether you’re producing a corporate video, TV commercial or online promo video, all video based projects require a captivating piece of music to hook viewers.

With everything from folk and rock, to orchestral and dubstep, our library of 97,747 music tracks has a vast selection of music for video use! And we're constantly keeping our music fresh by releasing up to 1,000 tracks per month - all created by authentic musicians across every continent. So what are you waiting for? Start searching today! 

If you need some help getting started with searching our catalogue, you can find our helpful “How To Search Our Site” video here.  Still having trouble finding the perfect track?  We’re happy to help – just give us a call at (646) 688-4320 or email us at

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Whether you need music for a corporate branding video or an online promo clip, there’s no need to worry because here at Audio Network each track is cleared for worldwide use on multiple platforms, forever.

For a breakdown of our pricing, take a look at our rate card.

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The Audio Network Film Catalog has been used in loads of TV, Film and Advertising productions; here are a few of our recent credits:

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