Ariel Bui

Crafting music for Film, TV & Advertising

Indie-rock singer-songwriter renowned for compositions that speak from the heart.

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The story behind the sound

Renowned for songwriting that speaks from the heart, Ariel Bui is a Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter, activist and educator. Having majored in Music at Rollins College, Florida, Bui is now based in Nashville where she owns and runs Melodia Studio, one of the city’s leading music schools. Composing predominantly on guitar and piano, she collaborates in the studio with acclaimed producer Andrija Tokic. Together they captured the gritty and raw vibe of the Nashville indie-rock scene, leading to Bui being favourably compared to Courtney Barnett and Angel Olsen. As Bui explains, “I am driven by a desire to live a meaningful existence, and hope to make the world a better place through music and more.”

Renowned for songwriting that speaks from the heart, Ariel Bui’s work has received favourable comparisons to Courtney Barnett and Angel Olsen.
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