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Hushed Secret 3757/5 11 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Slow mournful violin builds with reflective piano, poignant strings, synths & percussion. Expansive & atmospheric
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War Of Wills 3757/7 13 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Disconsolate violin builds to a crescendo with piano, moody strings & tense synth pulse
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The Past 3753/7 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Slow, reflective & melancholy solo violin
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Soft Breeze 3752/3 9 mixes Patrick Hawes
Thoughtful, gently flowing piano with wistful strings
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Covered In Red 3749/8 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Ethereal indie rock with haunting female vocals, bass, steady drums, electric & acoustic guitars
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From The Sky 3749/10 14 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Shoe gaze style indie rock with airy lead female vocal, backing vocal, drums, synths, acoustic & tremolo electric guitar
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A Noble Task 3736/7 12 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Nostalgic strings & piano give way to a rousing, heroic orchestral theme with sound design & big percussion
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Deep Time 3736/2 9 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Delicate, poignant orchestra over light piano & electronic pulses builds to an epic & emotional climax
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Finest Hour 3736/4 10 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Poignant strings & analogue synths build with French horns & big percussion hits to an heroic climax
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For The Greater Good 3736/6 7 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Warm, positive & uplifting orchestral hybrid builds from wistful opening
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The Weight And The Expectation 3736/3 10 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Reflective atmospheric piano, synths & orchestra become uneasy before an emotional, optimistic theme develops
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Foundation 3736/8 12 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Plaintive cello & strings build with ambient synths to a stirring orchestral theme with powerful drums
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Dark Discovery 3735/4 9 mixes Philip Guyler
Gloomy, ominous strings with pensive piano, pulsing bass & atmospheric textures
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Delicate Balance 3735/7 8 mixes Philip Guyler
Pensive acoustic guitar, piano & atmospheric sound design build with sorrowful cello & strings
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Pulsing Emotions 3735/6 10 mixes Philip Guyler
Pensive piano over tense pulsing bass builds with anxious strings, percussion & sound design
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Goodbye Sunshine 3734/4 13 mixes Tim Garland
Sentimental bossa nova ballad with sad crooner lamenting lost love accomapined by lush strings & gentle rhythm section
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I'm A Foolish Dreamer 3734/2 12 mixes Tim Garland
Smooth vintage love song with lush string orchestra & classic jazz-ballad crooned male vocal
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Who Ya Gonna Count On 3734/3 18 mixes Tim Garland
Touching, classic jazz ballad with comforting female vocal & rich strings
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Under The Sunlit Tree 3732/1 6 mixes Luke Richards
Soft, dreamy & delicate solo piano. Lazy, hazy summer days
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Raindrops In Summer 3732/4 15 mixes Luke Richards
Melancholy piano chords with atmospheric textures, hypnotic synth arpeggios, bass pulse & mallets
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Words Unsaid 3732/7 8 mixes Luke Richards
Delicate reflective strings & sparse piano over a deep sustained bass drone with atmospheric textures
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Bazantar 3730/2 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Mournful, expressive bazantar & violin with layered electro-acoustic textures over a dark Moog bass
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Fortuna 3730/5 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Plaintive electric violin over moody drones & textures builds with delicate piano, flickering violins & haunting female vocal
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Distant Hope 3730/7 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Mysterious, hypnotic guitar ostinati with forlorn cello, violin, piano & sound design. Builds
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Wild Animals Dance At Night 3727/5 17 mixes Alies Sluiter
Expansive didgeridoo drone builds with dancing pizzicato strings, pensive arco violins, animal calls & clapping sticks
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