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Cracked Earth 3715/4 15 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Escalating soundscape with flutes, pulsing synth, drone synth & atmospheric textures
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Statute Of Limitations 3700/8 16 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Tense, dramatic orchestral strings with deep pulsating synths & cinematic percussion
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Escape Room 3649/7 8 mixes Dario Forzato
Dramatic piano chords build with heavy drums & aggressive metal guitars to a creepy drop section & full-on assault finale
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Dirt Bag King 3535/6 15 mixes Corey David Britz
Aggressive, head-nodding unison guitar & bass heavy rock riff with synth textures & hard-hitting drums
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Drive It Like You Stole It 3535/4 15 mixes Corey David Britz
Fast & dirty hard rock with ferocious pedal-to-the-metal guitar riff, synths & high-octane drumming
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Hold The Line 3535/7 14 mixes Corey David Britz
Dirty & aggressive hard rock with nu-metal guitar riffage, subtle synths & powerful drums
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Running From Fear 3535/1 19 mixes Corey David Britz
Super-charged, head-banging guitar riff with unison bass & thumping drum groove
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The Great Dark Lord 3508/8 17 mixes David John Powell
Aggressive doom metal with deep & growling distorted male vocals over intense guitar rhythms & thunderous drums
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When Darkness Reigns Eternal 3508/7 16 mixes David John Powell
Dramatic heavy metal guitars lead into a brooding melody with trudging drum groove & distorted megaphone vocals
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Train 3497/6 11 mixes Benjamin Timothy Florin Rowntree | Rob Cass | Joseph Robert Taylor
Relentless deep & dirty groove with screaming guitar into hypnotic verse with male vocal, synths & driving bass
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Viral Attack 3459/6 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Tense building synths with electro percussion & eerie effects
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Volatile State 3459/8 14 mixes Terry Devine-King
Tense strings & staccato cellos march forth with pounding drums, pulsing bass & menacing synth textures
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Meson Momentum 3454/6 13 mixes Noah Sorota
Tense rapid synth pulse & dark growling bass build with big drums & evolving electronic patterns to uplifting finale
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Evil Twin 3443/7 12 mixes Yoshi Hayata | Mark Denis
Gnarly wails, nasty bass riff with huge beat & screamers. Tense accelerating ending
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Fear And Vengeance 3443/8 11 mixes Mark Denis | Randy Gist
Dark, eerie synths with otherworldly sound design FX & brutal, aggressive percussion. Frantic accelerating ending
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Flight Risk 3443/1 12 mixes Mark Denis
Tense cinematic hits, pulsing synths & razor-sharp synth screams build to an intense trailer-style climax
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Fury Exploded 3443/5 13 mixes Yoshi Hayata | Mark Denis
Epic tonal blasts, wailing synth bends with chugging bass pulses & marching percussion lead to a bombastic climax
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Primal Rage 3443/2 11 mixes Yoshi Hayata | Mark Denis
Ticking clock, pulses & dirty synth riff with driving beat & sound design FX rises
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Secret Mercenary 3443/3 12 mixes Ryan Andrews | Mark Denis
Epic tonal blasts, screaming alarms & rapid-fire percussion. Builds to frantic, accelerating climax
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Wrath Of Doom 3443/4 11 mixes Mark Denis
Attention-grabbing cinematic slams, pulsing bass, dirty synths & tension-rising climax
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Augment The Future 3416/4 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Propulsive hybrid orchestral epic builds into driving string ostinato with brass & powerful drums
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Final Stand 3416/1 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Dramatic hybrid orchestral epic with pulsing synths, hypnotic piano & thunderous drums
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The Silenced 3416/5 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Brooding orchestral hybrid builds with tense strings, brass, synth layers & epic drums to dramatic climax
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Turning The Tide 3416/6 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Powerful, tense & dramatic orchestral hybrid with huge drums builds from moody atmospheric opening
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Colliding Worlds 3416/7 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Tense orchestral hybrid with urgent strings, bold brass & synths builds to frantic climax with huge drums
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