Music Licensing

What is Music Licensing?

Music licensing, the bedrock on which Audio Network’s production music library is built, refers to the licensed use of copyrighted music.

The process of music licensing is there to ensure that composers, songwriters and musicians are paid for the work they do.

The Rights

There are many forms of music licensing, including the model used by Audio Network’s production music library, but in each case it sees money go to the person who originally came up with the words or tune and put the musical notes in that particular order.

The upshot of this is that anyone purchasing or licensing a piece of music is really just buying the right to use it and is not actually purchasing the tune itself.

From a production music point-of-view they are generally buying the chance to re-use that music for another purpose other than just personal listening, be it broadcasting to millions of viewers as part of a TV show or commercial or narrow casting to a selected few on the internet.

Our Music

Audio Network’s production music library has 217,058 of those tracks to choose from all of which can be licensed for television and multi-platform use around the world for ever.

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