Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free music refers to a tune, ditty, composition or effect that has a single or one-off cost or licensing fee. Once paid for, a piece of royalty-free music can be synchronized with a TV, film, advertising or corporate production as many times as required without the producers having to provide royalty payments to the composer. For more information on Music Rights, click here.

Audio Network does not offer royalty-free music. 

Instead, Audio Network provides over 100,000 original music tracks composed by highly regarded, named musicians and artists, that have been designed with TV, film and advertising in mind.

Like royalty-free music, there is just a one-off payment when using Audio Network’s production music library, but the payment covers all licensing for platforms and territories, forever. For more details visit Music Rights.

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Royalty-Free Music

Despite its name, royalty-free music isn't actually royalty-free! Although producers don't have to pay any royalties, the composer still gets his fair share. Performance rights organisations, such as the PRS, monitor and collect money for music that is broadcast or performed publicly. The composer then collects royalties from the fees charged by the PRS to the broadcaster.

Although royalty-free music is an affordable and convenient option for producers, it is often regarded as generic and associated with copycat or bland interpretations of work composed by established artists. Check out the tracks above to see how Audio Network's library of high-quality, original tracks could help make your production shine.

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